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History of dcb Construction Company

The story of dcb Construction Company, Inc., a locally owned and operated Colorado builder since 1960, is one of Colorado history, the struggle for survival and loyalty to a business philosophy.

On September 24, 1960 a company by the name of Denver Commercial Builders, Inc. (dcb) was chartered in the State of Colorado by a group of local businessmen. Perry C. Peine, a Kansas native, purchased the company from the original owners in 1964. He dissolved the corporation on June 26, 1964 and changed the company name to Peine Corporation. On September 2, 1966, the name was changed back to Denver Commercial Builders, Inc.

Operating out of a 6,000 square foot, white clapboard house on the same property that now houses its namesake over 50 years later, dcb was primarily a metal building contractor. Having worked for Butler Manufacturing Company prior to purchasing the company, Mr. Peine maintained a strong relationship with Butler Manufacturing and developed an internal design department that ultimately formed the foundation of what is now known as the “design-build” philosophy. This unique philosophy guided dcb for most of its existence and by the early 1980s dcb was constructing mostly design-build projects, both conventional and pre-engineered.

In 1981, dcb opened an office in Rifle, Colorado to take advantage of the tremendous oil shale business that was developing on the Western Slope of Colorado. And on January 15, 1982, ten dcb employees entered into a leveraged buyout agreement with Mr. Peine. In January of 1986, controlling interest was transferred from Mr. Peine to all the shareholders. As of this date, two of the original ten shareholders remain.

But fate was about to play a hand in Colorado history. On May 2, 1982, the decision by Exxon Oil Company to retreat and abandon the development of shale oil caused the collapse of the entire construction market. By 1990, half of all Colorado construction companies had disappeared, taking with them more than 55,000 construction jobs. Colorado’s infamous “Black Sunday” was the demise of dcb’s Rifle, Colorado office and the cause of many lean years ahead for the new owners.

In business for just a few short months, they found themselves in a very precarious position. With little to no work and enormous note payments, their survival instincts kicked into gear and their relentless persistence proved successful. January of 1983 brought the completion of a building for Broadway Moving & Storage, one of dcb’s first clients. With renewed hope and much enthusiasm, owners and employees never looked back. They held fast to the fundamental belief of doing one thing exceptionally well and rode out the turbulent 1980s to ultimate success.

The company began concentrating on design-build projects and, with slow and steady leadership, built dcb into one of the premiere design-build firms in the State of Colorado. This core belief of working together is at the heart of the design-build philosophy and a proven method of construction that is now being embraced by the entire construction industry.

This philosophy of better serving the client’s interests with designer and contractor working together has garnered tremendous success for dcb Construction Company, Inc. Since its inception in 1960, they have completed more than 1,600 projects and are now celebrating their 56th year in business. dcb Construction Company, Inc., continues to be a pioneer of design-build construction and remains the leading design-build company in the Rocky Mountain region.

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