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The dcb Construction Process

dcb Construction Company, Inc. specializes in design-build construction projects and is organized to provide the very best services associated with the design and build method of project delivery. Its fully staffed in-house Design Department works directly with other construction, estimating and management personnel to provide a single source of performance and responsibility.

The design-build method of construction has many advantages, but its essence is the idea that the interest of the Owner is best served when the designer and contractor work together under a single, accountable source of responsibility. Teamwork among the Owner, Designer and Contractor can streamline the design construction process and can provide important data early on so that the Owner can make informed decisions about the project before a substantial financial commitment is made.

In nearly every phase of modern industrial activity, a company not only designs its product but builds it as well. Automobiles, clothing, furniture, machinery, computers, space rockets, satellites — all are examples of design-build products provided by a single accountable source of responsibility.

Traditionally, it has been the belief that the cost of a construction project is determined via a bidding process. This is true only to a small degree because materials and labor have a definite cost basis. In actuality, the cost of a project is established during the planning and design stage, but it is often not known or confirmed until the traditional bidding process is complete.

The design-build method of project delivery provides a means by which a project can be developed to specific building requirements and budget. Armed with knowledge concerning initial cost, quality, operational expense, site development and maintenance requirements, project characteristics can be developed through the input of design-build team members that best reflect the Owner’s stated facility requirements and financial plans.

Our experience suggests a three-phased approach to a construction project: Design, Competitive Bidding and Construction.


1. Design Phase

The formal design phase of the project is by far the most important, as well as the most far-reaching and difficult phase to manage correctly. Our philosophy that every design consideration has a cost, quality and schedule implication associated with it mandates that all project team members work closely together, not only throughout the project, but during the design phase as well. Our experience has proven that when the design is approximately 20% complete, 80% of the project costs have been established, further verifying the importance of communication, teamwork and accountability.

Our building solution always considers the low total cost of a project rather than the low initial cost. There are many functions to a building, creating many options relative to operational and maintenance considerations. Life cycle costs are considered throughout the design and construction of the project. However, these considerations take place primarily in the initial schematic design phase when recommendations for insulation values, motor and ballast use in the building equipment, shading coefficients and other building characteristics can be considered, all of which can pay for the initial cost over time.

It is important to note that all projects must go through a design phase. The design-build method of project delivery provides an environment where all team members communicate openly and are accountable for their performance by virtue of the single source nature of the process. This leadership, experience and understanding of the design phase is the real value that dcb Construction Company, Inc. offers its clients. Since our staff is trained and experienced in the design-build method of project delivery and since each project is assigned a carefully selected team, the important questions, problems and solutions that must occur during the design phase are addressed. The project is enhanced by the advice of all disciplines involved, allowing the project team to meet very specific budget, quality and operational criteria.

Fifty years of designing and building commercial and industrial projects have netted volumes of data concerning proven construction details. These details are available at no cost to our clients. The selection of quality material, their specified use and assembly are important aspects of our experience which we bring as team members. We have created a library of building codes, commercial and industrial park covenants, development fees, use and sales tax schedules and bring experienced and knowledgeable of city and county planning, building and economic agency procedures.

2. Competitive Bidding Phase

Upon completion of the design phase of the project, dcb Construction Company, Inc. conducts competitive bidding for all materials, equipment and subcontract services required for completion of the project.

Bids will be solicited from pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers. Pre-qualification includes determination of financial capability, experience on similar projects and scope of work, insurance coverage, bonding capacity, references and other appropriate criteria.

When bids have been received and analyzed, they will be reviewed with the Owner prior to issuing subcontracts or purchase orders. In this way, the Owner takes full advantage of the competitive bidding and the resulting savings under the provisions of the guaranteed maximum price type contract suggested for use on the project. At the option of the Owner, a lump sum price type of contract may be utilized.

3. Construction Phase

Once the design phase and competitive bidding phase are complete and the full scope of work is established, the building permit will be obtained and the construction phase begins. The construction phase of a project will be managed by dcb’s experienced project management staff. The entire construction process will be closely supervised from start to finish, assuring only the highest standards of workmanship. Testing and inspection programs for adherence to material specifications will be maintained and documented.

Upon completion of the construction of a new building and during the start-up of the new facility, dcb will closely monitor the building and all associated equipment in order to assure proper operation. During the close-out of the construction process, dcb will provide copies of as-built drawings and complete operation and maintenance manuals which document all materials and equipment, their source and detail of the installation. All certificates, warranties, guarantees and operating instructions for the facility and equipment will be provided. Following the Owner’s acceptance of the completed facility, dcb will maintain continuing communication in order to assure the successful operation of the facility during the warranty period, which normally extends from the date of the Certificate of Occupancy.

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